Saturday, 31 October 2009

How bad am I?

Oh god how bad am I?

Its been over a month since I last blogged. I see Justyn filled you all in on the wedding so I won’t bore you with that. Besides, he did it so much better than I ever could.

Right to business.

What have you been doing for the past month I hear you cry … go on Cry “What have you been doing?” sigh you are no fun.

Well the week after my wedding to the delectable Jarrod Fitzpatrick was spent on honeymoon at the very beautiful Smarty. We played and loved, and loved and played, 24 hours a day for three days, it was bliss. Rl was put on hold and all we knew was SL and each other.

Xzno dropped by to see us and we made a major decision and asked Zee to join us in our married life. He cried and said yes and on Saturday 3rd of October 2009 we had a closed ceremony and married Zee in the pagan way that he practices. (So I guess I am officially Mr. Cartauld-Dacey-Fitzpatrick now)

It was beautiful, just the three of us, in a cave nude with candle light reciting our ceremony and vows. I wish we could take him as a partner on SL but it only allows one official partnership.

What else has happened?

Ohh yes, Jarrod and Xzno broke from the Sleepless Knights and we have formed our own clan.

The Sexy Kitteh Clan, Nekopyres not vampires. I think that Jarrod has applied to have the clan made official and Nekopyres to be recognised as a race. We have a few members already so we will see what it grows into.

As I say its been a month since I blogged so Jarrod and I celebrated our Monthaversary (giggles, his word not mine) on the 27th of October.

As a gift I bought him his dream home. (see the pictures further up the page) This has to be our final move for at least a year. Xzno can’t take the strain.

Catch you all later kisses and hugs