Thursday, 25 June 2009

You know you have SL issues pt 2 when …..

….. You are hugging a friend and suddenly freeze because surely not. … Oh dear god please tell me I did not just purr in his ear.

My introduction to SL pt 2

So there I am, all set up in my hut. Problem, to get into the hut I have to climb a wooden ladder… a ladder what the f*** was I thinking? I could barely walk on the ground never lone climb a bloody ladder. Okay, ten attempts later I am standing in my lovely hut, only there is nothing in the hut, nothing, nada, zilch. I stand in the doorway thinking, “Oh shit, I got to go back out.” Now consider the fact it took me about twenty minutes to get in there in the first place and you will understand my predicament. But I am made of stern stuff so I stepped out on to the ladder and fell all the way back down to the ground, lucky I fell on something soft, (no not Ame, she had the good sense to go home) unfortunately for Joshiwa he had just arrived.
After he had recovered I told him about my lack of furnishings and he told me what was a must for any self respecting gay in SL. … A SEX RUG. ….. He insisted it was law and I had to have one. Well who was I to argue? Off we went to the shops and bought a lovely white fur rug…. Yes you guessed it. It was too big for the hut. Undeterred I placed it in the room and ignored the fact it cascaded out of the sides.

(The one thing I have problems with in SL is sizing things. What looks fine in the shop is suddenly Gi- normous when rezed at my home. I’m sure that they put smaller ones on display to trick us unsuspecting Nekos into buying them.)

So right, I have my hut, my sex rug ….. Grins at Joshiwa hopefully. (Well we need to find out if it works don’t we?) No such luck the Blonde giant suddenly gets all moral on me and insists that best friends don’t do such things… has no one ever told him the best friend with benefits rule?

Anyway. ….. Joshiwa tells me that he knows somewhere that I would like and teleports away, seconds later I get my invite to join him on Mission Beach… I have never landmarked somewhere so fast believe me. As I lay in front of the fire, wrapped in Joshiwa’s massive arms (they are thicker than my waist I’m sure of it,) and watched all the gorgeous studs dancing in their shorts and jock straps I thought to myself


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

You know you have an Sl issue when (part 1) .....

...... You get your credit card bill and you have spent more money on your advatar than you have on yourself in RL

Monday, 22 June 2009

So here I am starting a new blog and I am thinking what the hell have I got to say that anyone might find even remotely interesting.
After careful consideration I decided … Nothing… so if you are reading this you really must be bored.

So … I thought I would start with my first days of SL. (Oh no dear god no I hear you cry. Well Tough)

So I arrived on SL all bright eyed and bushy tailed. (well the tail came later, I’ll get to that.) I landed on Fairy Crossing full of the joys of spring and totally green in the way of SL. To be truthful I had no idea what SL was all about. I had been lured here by my best bud Joshiwa Meadowbrook. So me being me, followed willingly.

God I looked rough those first days.

I wandered around the Gateway for a couple of days, picking up what freebies I could, trying to learn how to walk, fly etc and then I fell down a hole. Now I knew I had to go down to the meadow eventually but I was hoping to do it rather more elegantly than the way I did; but no I have to fall down. I landed on my ass surrounded by more freebies and though oh well might as well take them all. Then I spotted a carriage pulled by two butterflies and the Oh so tempting pose ball. Well what is a newbie to do but try it out?

Ahhh bloody thing is moving.

After clinging on for deal life for ten minutes (okay more like three but I like to add a bit of spice) I was dumped unceremoniously at fairy crossing market. Where naturally I stood up and thought “Oh Fuck now what?” It was there, after being on Sl mainland for all of five minutes I met my first friend and what a friend she has turned out to be. Ameline Evanier, the beautiful belly dancing fairy took me under her wing. (Wing get it) and naturally took me dancing. See my first experience on Sl was dance, no wonder I became a dancer, it was fate. She and her friends made me welcome and I danced all night. I had to really….. They all said goodnight buggered off home and didn’t tell me how to stop. Anyway I digress, Ame took me under her wing and she helped me find my first home. A tiki hut in Madrigal. That is me standing in the doorway. Thank god I went shopping, that is all I can say.