Thursday, 21 January 2010



I needed some pictures for our new clan house of our sexy Nekopyres. I pursuaded my lovers to pose for me and this is the results. hope you like.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010



Gothic Cathedrals and Dark




Jarrod took me to a wonderful sim yesterday
that was one huge Cathedral and Graveyard. It was amazing. We explored the water
filled catacombs and dark torch lit passageways and finally danced together in
front of a waterfall of blood and a sacrificial table. Jarrod took me in his
arms, dipped me and fed. Bliss.

Here are a few of the photos I took.


Friday, 15 January 2010




I bought my baby a new outfit today. Doesn't he look delicious. Nahm Nahm Nahn.
I could just eat him right up.

Sexy Nekopyres New Clan House

One of the things that we have done at Kitteh Lagoon is construct a brand new Clan House for the Sexy Nekopyre Kittehs.

Zee did the building and architecture, Yours truly did what he does best and went shopping for furnishings. Jarrod put the finishing touches. The three of us are really proud of what we have built. It is open to all the clan members so come along and see us. Let us know what you think of our efforts. Here are so photos for you to check out.

Jarrod and Xzno

Sigh .. what can I say about these magnificent Kittehs. My husbands, My lovers, the Keepers of my Soul. My blood will sustain you for as long as you want me down to the last drop. My last breath is your. I love you both so much.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

sigh I deserve to be spanked.

As the title of this blog says .....

I have been a bad bad Kitteh. October .... sigh ... Time just flies when you are having fun.

Being married is the best. Although it has taken me away from blogging. A habit that I intend to rectify.

SO ...

Concider this my New Year's Resoloution. Blogging on at least a weekly basis. (Truth is i am probably the only one that reads this anyway)

We, that is Jarrod, Xzno, Justyn, Very and I have moved away from Backdraft and Blaze and set up home on a homestead sim called mountains of silence, affectionatly called Kitteh Cove. Three quarters of the sim is home to the five of us while the remaining quarter has been transformed into a beautiful Honeymoon Island, totally secluded and availible for rent, (just im me, Joshua Cartauld, inworld for details, Okay that was a blatant plug, so sue me. (actually don't bother to sue me i have no money so it would just be a waste of time))


I just realised that you dont know about Backdraft cus I haven't blogged in four months.. see i told you i needed to be spanked.

Okay from the begining. Due to lag we discovered that we really needed to move Blaze from Stockquotes, so we managed to secure a brand new sim that we got to name ourselves (We named it Backdraft for obvious reasons) To save linden we decided to move from Obama to there ourselves. We lived there for a couple of months but decided it was not working for us and we moved again much to xzno's horror to Kitteh Cove. Right now you have been caught up.

Well our new home is amazingly beautiful and we are still adding bits to it. Take a look for yourself.
kisses till later.
Joshua. xx