Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Keeper of my Soul and Holder of my Heart.

Jarrod holder of my Soul

Jarrod and I pre vampire.

How fast things happen on SL. Just over six weeks ago I received a random TP from some one I met at the Mission Beach, one Mr. Carl Wilder. Being at a loose end I went and ended up in a night club called Blaze. The host and DJ were very friendly and made me welcome and the music was good.

On the poles were three sexy dancers and as I watched them it occurred to me that this is something that I could do. As the DJ had IM’d me a couple of times I decided to ask for his advice on how to get hired. He promptly told me to IM the head dancer and ask for an interview. Before I knew it I had a new shape, new skin and new hair and was hired as a pole dancer. Little did I know where that would lead me.

Within weeks of starting at Blaze I became beloved pet of Jarrod and his partner, although it was Jarrod that paid me attention the most. We spent time together and soon I had fallen hard for him.

I grew to adore him; love him.

We have grown very close over the weeks and I now cannot imagine my SL life without him.

He helped me to find a new sim to live on. Redesigned it for me, built me a new house and introduced me to the very sexy Xzno. Life on SL suddenly became very good. Xzno took one of my rentals and we began to become good friends, so good that I asked him to move into my house as housemate and friend.

He was more than happy to and Jarrod rushed over and made a basement room for him to sleep in.

Then I made a discovery. Xzno was a vampire and Jarrod was his blood doll. (Xzno holds his soul) at first I am ashamed to say I was jealous. It seemed so intimate to me. Jarrod noticed my mood and confronted me, making me admit my feelings.

I offered Jarrod my soul and he refused, saying that he wasn’t a full vampire and that he wouldn’t take my soul. I was sad but accepted his decision.

That was till last night.

Last night Jarrod came to me and said that he had thought about my offer and had changed his mind. He wanted to be the holder of my soul as I already held his heart.

Xzno obliged by changing Jarrod to full vampire and this glorious morning Jarrod took my soul into his keeping. Jarrod doesn’t want to feed, or take souls. He says mine is the only one he wants and needs. So now I have taken the place of blood doll to Xzno and I am also blood doll to Jarrod and I am blissfully happy with my two beautiful Nekopyers and they are happy with me.

We are family now and I will never be alone again.

Now I have to tell my friends . …. Ohh, maybe I don’t they just read this ….. giggles.

Oh yeah. Note to self. … Send Carl some flowers.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

What? Me Dance! no, nuhuh, never. (snigger)

At Obama

Today (11/07/09) at Cote D Azur with Justyn, we just bought new silks each

Shaking my tail with Justyn at Boots

In the sea at Obama
Nah! I never dance

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

You know you have SL issues when …..

….. you get up at 2.30am to dance naked in a nightclub for tips and tell your RL lover that you are going to work.
Joshua's new Neko look

I struggled with the ladder on my hut for weeks, (okay 1 week, I was never a very patient kitty) Then I went looking for something else and I found it. Kess Kann Rentals. I was moving up in the world whilst keeping my size 8’s firmly on the ground. I was shown three houses, all varying in size and price. Being me I naturally gravitated to the most expensive. That it had a private beach had nothing to do with it at all. (yeah right ha!) So all excited I moved in only to find that all I owned was a load of freebie clothes that I was never going to be seen dead in. (although those pink sparkly, strappy high heels look fab with booty shorts and my pink ‘I taught your boyfriend that thing you like’ crop top.) Sunbeach was my dream home. Three bedroom’s one with en-suite and a shared terrace with the second bedroom an area for a kitchen, living room big enough for two suites. Best of all it had a private beach and stood on its own little island.
So what else can a kitten do? I went shopping, $20,000 later I had furnished my home.

Time now to dance.

I went to Boots for the first time alone and met the glorious kitten that changed me from human to Neko in thirty minutes flat. Justyn Maurer. He oozed sexiness and I thought that is what I want to be. I had always been very feline in my ways and had a distinct preference for cats over dogs and the whole tail thing opened up a whole new life outlook for me. Justyn sent me a link to one of his friend’s blogs that laid on the line what being a Neko was. It wasn’t just simply putting on a tail and ears and declaring ‘I AM NEKO’ it was a way of life. I have found through my journey through SL that tails come and go with some people and I find this to understand. The moment I put my tail on I changed. Suddenly I was the beautiful kitten that purred his way through life. I had found me. I tossed out the fairy wings and introduced the new me to the world and I will never go back.

Boots turned out to be one of my favourite places to go. It is also the place where I met Rhodes. Raz for short.
I felt attracted to him right away and before I knew it, he had become my partner and moved in with me. Now I had it all. A lovely home, a Aussie hunk and a tail.

Yeah baby. Life is good.

Monday, 6 July 2009

What a shitty weekend

This kitten has had the shittiest weekend ever.

It started when my Rl partner went up the wall over Sl and the time I spend there.
It got pretty nasty for a moment and I have had to make a lot of concessions to calm him down. One of them being staying off SL at certain times of day or at least until I have fulfilled what he sees as my commitments to him and our life together.
I was in a bad way and I came on line to dance at Blaze, a commitment that I enjoy. While there I tried to explain to my SL lover what had happened. Instead of the support that I needed I found my relationship being ended.

So now I am two for two. Not every kitten can alienate both their lovers in one day. It’s a gift.

I have a RL lover who is so angry with me that he is threatening to leave me and a Sl partner that did.

There must be something in the air cus I know a couple of my friends also are having difficulties.

I have moved out of Sunbeach now, leaving it for Raz to use or not. It has been paid for the next 4 weeks so he will be okay. I have moved to my island paradise, Cote D Azur, its beautiful and although it was meant to be a secluded place for me and my lover it’s now a secluded place for me alone.

I do have three rental properties on the island so if anyone wants to share the seclusion with me IM me on SL. There are two beach huts and a hidden cave, all $150 each and 40 prims.
I did have one highlight.

Justyn came over. He spent the day and made me feel so much better. He has become such a good friend and I thank the powers that be that I met him that day at Boots. I would be lost without him

Jarrod has also been a tower of strength, he held me while I cried and gave me the strength to go on in SL. Thank you baby. You have become very special to me. If ever you need me all you have to do is call and I will be there.