Saturday, 29 August 2009

Brand New Me

Brand New Me

OMG! I had a make over.

It is amazing what a new shape and skin does for a Kitten: add to that a brand new outfit and this kitten is set to rock. Kilts rule even if they do take off my tail. I will just have to find a way of wearing both.

Aki Lusso

Aki Lusso

Please welcome the latest member of our family. Aki Lusso. This cute Kitten is the latest Flaming hot Stud and Member of the Sexy Kitteh Clan. This is him trying on new hair at Discord, (who in my opinion has the best) He decided on this style but in black. So frigging hot baby.



I am so happy. Jarrod the love of my life, keeper of my soul and holder of my heart asked me to become his husband. I thought my heart would burst as we were walking through a flower shop and he suddenly got down on one knee and asked me to be his.

I said yes of course I said yes and then he kissed me and I felt as if I was walking on air.

We are now in the process of planning our wedding. Fortunately for Jarrod his good friend Jonathan is taking the reigns. It is just as well cus I don’t have a clue where to start. Saying that, I have bought my wedding attire and Jarrod’s. Now we have the dilemma of where to have the wedding. We are considering Obama, but with less than 800 prims available (before we landscape our home and decorate fully) I am not sure what we can do there, sigh. I want it to be purrfect and I want Jarrod to be proud of me. Ideas anyone?

farewell to Cote Du Azur

Farewell to Cote du Azur

Due to financial issues Jarrod and I have had to give up our home at Cote du Azur. I am heartbroken. It had taken us weeks to get the land to what we wanted and it was truly beautiful. I loved it so much. I put on a brave face for Jarrod and rallied around him, telling him that moving was no problem that it would be an adventure, but all the time I was crying inside.

Moving to Obama was a big thing for me. Jarrod had lived there with his last partner and I can’t help but remember that even though it looks nothing like it did then.

Jarrod bless him has moved our house and started to landscape, trying to recreate what we had but with so many less prims at our disposal it will be hard. Also we have the Centre behind our house and even though it has been remodelled and looks really nice it isn’t the pretty tropical playground that I used to have.

God I sound so selfish.

Take a deep breath sugar and step forward and embrace what you have.

Anywhere I live with Jarrod I will be happy. I guess I just have a touch of homesickness. I am sure I will recover, especially when Justyn and Very move in and Xzno is back in the basement. Then it may feel like home again.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Expanding families and Promotions

How things have progressed since my last update!

Our small family which consisted of me, Xzno and Jarrod has suddenly more than doubled. Over the last week we have had the additions of Jester Mode, Very Goodliffe, Justyn Maurer and Joshiwa Meadowbrook and I couldn’t be happier. What more can a Neko ask for but to be surrounded by the neko’s, (and honouree neko in Joshiwa’s case) that he loves and who love him in return.
So I have spent the last few days trying to streamline Cote du Azur , as I am a total prim whore and needed to find prims for my new neighbours. So far even giving them their allowance I have managed to save over 200 how good am I?

Promotion time

I recently received a promotion at Club Blaze, I am now head dancer. Did this include a pay rise did it hell! It did however include me having to work out which dancer works which day and employing new dancers for the club.

Since I took over I have employed four new dancers for your pleasure.

Catch all of our newest Studs in Blaze over the next weeks.

The very sexy Xzno has set up a website for Blaze, here you will find the staff rota and event calendar so you need never miss your favourite dancer or DJ ever again. The link is below.

Please feel free to join, membership is free.

Justyn Maurer, the sexiest Neko I have ever met and Australian native.(top)
Anders Guisse also Australian (left)
Jester Mode USA (right)
GoodboyJay Fall is our brand new Blazing Hot Host and a Brit living in Spain (bottom)