Sunday, 28 February 2010


This makes me think of my darling Jarrod. It says everything i feel about him.

I have never done this before so i dont know if i am doing it right we will soon find out. (the fact that it stars the smokingly smexy Derrick Hough adds to it)

Low ebbs

This kitteh is going through a low ebb right now. Nothing i do lifts me up. I am having brief periods of feeling better then i come crashing down again. Not really sure what to do now. Maybe i should put on a weepy movie so at least i will have a reason to feel like crying.

I hope this passes soon.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


My Brother


sexy neko sl secondlife

This is what happens when a kitteh is left
alone. I start trying to improve perfection. purrz

Monday, 15 February 2010


Even kittehs feel stress sometimes.

I wish Justyn was here.

Monday, 8 February 2010


Goodbye to Blaze and


The sun has set on Backdraft
for the final time. Last night Sunday 7th of February 2010 Blaze closed its roll
up doors, toed the tenders into storage and the Blazing Studs hug up their
sparkly thongs. But party goers don't despair like the Phoenix Blaze will rise
from the ashes. As I write this a new Fire house is being built at the new sim
of Blue Phoenix (get it) and the Flaming Hot Dj's and Studs will be donning
their uniforms and taking to the stage for your pleasure.

Jarrod, Jon, Xzno and myself
would like to thank all of you that have stayed faithful to Blaze over the past
year and wish to invite you to stay in the group that way when we do rise again
you will all be the first to know. In the mean time here are the photos that I
took last night.


DJ Kain spun the tunes

Jonathan Schenkel was our

Joshua Cartauld, Pygmalion
Ghost, Neville Braveheart and Justyn Maurur worked the poles.


The whole evening ended with
a bang as Jarrod blew up the club around us leaving us standing in a totally
empty sim. So for now so long and take care.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Justyn my brother and friend

I took this picture of Justyn at the begininng of the week. I think its really good and he looks amazing as usual.

And I took these as his Blood Doll photos for the clan house.

Sexy or what!