Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dates. Romance and Dinner

Justyn surprised me today with a Date in Tempura. I have to say that although i have been in sl for over year now (Yes a year, go figure) I have never been to this beautiful place before. First he took me to see the lotus flowers and we sat and watched as the sun began to set. Then we went to the Golden Ballroom where he swept me off my feet and we danced as if we were the only two kittens in the whole of sl.

after we had dinner, I had lobster followed by tiramisu and Ice cream (cus i is greedy) and Juz had a fried fish platter, (looked like fish and chips to me) followed by tiramisu and ice cream (cus he is greedy too) All of the above was washed down by copious amounts of red wine.

It was a lovely way to say goodbye to him as he is going on rl holidays tomorrow.

here are a few of the photos i took of us

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