Wednesday, 29 September 2010

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - Do you know how much I love you

Monday 27th of Septemeber saw the anniversary of my marriage to the wonderful, beautiful Jarrod Fitzpatrick.

In true Fitzy fashion my lovely Jarrod, (I love you Joey) made me feel like a Prince and the only person alive. My truely amazing lover took me to the same place that we had our first date, at first i was a little confused and then the fog cleared and I remembered all the little details, even the crashed helecopter was still there.

We danced for ages, just the two of us, looking into each others eyes. I felt the emotion building in me, bringing me to the point of crying.

As there was no music and we were dancing to the music in our hearts we decided to go to the Golden Ballroom in Tempura, once we had slogged through the molasses that is the lag there we began to dance swept away with the beauty and romance. We looked so beautiful together in our tuxes.

We had only been there a short time when catastrophe hit, I crashed, not just a crash a huge mega crash. when I returned I was naked, awful Ruthy. Nothing I did could turn me back into Joshua so reluctantly I returned home to try to rez there. My darling Jarrod stayed in Tempura to tp me back when I was 'normal' again. (what do you mean I have never been normal?) Unfortunately going home didnt work so I relogged, still no luck. Jarrod tp'd home to reassure me that everything would be okay.It took nearly an hour until I was Joshua again and then we had to go to Tidra and I had to relog on secondlife viewer 2 to make it work.

During this time Me being me, was getting more and more upset, convinced that poor Joshua had gone forever. The most wonderful thing that happened during this whole ordeal was this.....

[9/27/2010 6:16:02 PM] Joshua Cartauld: nods
[9/27/2010 6:16:14 PM] Joshua Cartauld: sigh i cant make joshua look right i am relogging
[9/27/2010 6:16:23 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: ok baby
[9/27/2010 6:16:31 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: do you want me to come home
[9/27/2010 6:16:35 PM] Joshua Cartauld: wait
[9/27/2010 6:16:41 PM] Joshua Cartauld: see what happens now
[9/27/2010 6:17:48 PM] Joshua Cartauld: i am a cloud of smoke right now
[9/27/2010 6:19:22 PM] Joshua Cartauld: i cant edit apperance right now for some reason
[9/27/2010 6:19:28 PM] Joshua Cartauld: i am just smoke
[9/27/2010 6:19:43 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: is ok love
[9/27/2010 6:19:58 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: it is just taking some time for your servers to load
[9/27/2010 6:20:13 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: your inventory has not loaded yet is what that means
[9/27/2010 6:20:25 PM] Joshua Cartauld: rohhh
[9/27/2010 6:20:29 PM] Joshua Cartauld: ohhh i hope so
[9/27/2010 6:20:40 PM] Joshua Cartauld: i hate this i am sort of nothing
[9/27/2010 6:20:51 PM] Joshua Cartauld: i have rezzed but an like i was there
[9/27/2010 6:22:12 PM] Joshua Cartauld: i just cant do anything
[9/27/2010 6:22:37 PM] Joshua Cartauld: it keeps telling me i cant change anything
[9/27/2010 6:23:15 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: you are always something baby
[9/27/2010 6:23:34 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: ok I'm coming home love
[9/27/2010 6:23:39 PM] Joshua Cartauld: okay
[9/27/2010 6:24:03 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: it's just cause everything crash baby
[9/27/2010 6:24:11 PM] Joshua Cartauld: nods
[9/27/2010 6:24:16 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I know you will be back to joshie in a bit
[9/27/2010 6:24:21 PM] Joshua Cartauld: nod
[9/27/2010 6:29:29 PM] Joshua Cartauld: sigh
[9/27/2010 6:29:44 PM] Joshua Cartauld: can you love a short ugly eyeless av
[9/27/2010 6:31:18 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: yes baby
[9/27/2010 6:31:20 PM] Jarrod Fitzpatrick: I can

Eventually when I was Joshua again, we went over to my beach and started to get ready for our party. Jarrod again went the extra mile, putting up strings of lights and making it so lovely for me. We set the sim to midnight and then waited for our friends to arrive.

First to arrive was the lovely Nev followed in quick succession by Franzi, (who is turning out to be a really wonderful friend) Then Haschen arrived followed by my lovely Teleny, ( who is one of the most important people to me now)

Although we invited all our friends we knew that because we held it during my time (gmt time)not many would be able to come.

Still even though sl did its best to disrupt us, ie crashing Jarrod at least four times, refusing to let Franzi see sculpties, crashing me again and Hasch a minimum of three times a wonderful time was had by all.

Jarrod and I ended the night dancing naked in the moonlight to a slow ballad. one by one our friends wished us well and tp'd descretely away, leaving us dancing alone. I cried again.

The wonderful night ended with Jarrod whispering 'I love you Jovie' in my ear and I whispered it back, meaning every word, and we both logged off still in each others arms.

Here are the pictures for you to see.

above are the pictures of us at the place we had our first date.

^in the Golden Ballroom in Tempura

a wonderful picture that Teleny took of us. Thank you baby. it is beautiful.


  1. Dammit, this made me start the happy tears all over again. Love you both, and congratulations again! *muahs*

  2. Congratulations my loves...I'm so glad you both had a wonderful time together. I'm just sorry that I couldn't be there *sigh* to share the moment with you both.